• Service qualifying at smart

    • Motto: smart & smile, Service at its best.
    • Target group: 104 smart centers all over Germany
  • Announcement to the management personnel

    • Poster
    • Launchfolder
  • Starter package sent to the management personnel

    • Fulfillment criteria
    • Give away with symbolic character


  • Internal communication

    • Launchfolder
    • Quick map
    • Poster
    • Give away


  • End Customer communication on the occasion of auditing

    • Tag for the mirror
    • Sticker for the window
    • Certificate
  • The smart & smile infoletter >>in touch.

    • Information around smart & smile
    • Developments, on-site reports & success stories from the service
  • smart & smile fitness competition

    • Competition`s folder including incentives
    • Questionnaire for the competition


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smart & smile. Service at its best.

DaimlerChrysler’s German sales organisation introduced its service concept “smart & smile” against the background of consistent service standards across all the DaimlerChrysler group brands and with respect in particular to the imminent initial workshop tests for the smart® brand.

As part of a multi-stage communications concept, 104 smart centres and smart satellites were actively integrated in the profiling process. At the heart of the project, which was launched in 2002, is the annual certification of these car companies in accordance with predefined performance criteria relating to customer care and workshop quality.

In addition to the initial concept and realisation of the communication tools, the agency’s other main achievements included devising a name for the programme and developing the key visuals.

2SBM received a follow-up commission from smart GmbH to adapt the German concept for the world markets. To this end, the concept’s service criteria were revised and made available to the smart® markets in the form of an interactive CD in English with all the necessary advertising tools, concept presentations, screen saver etc.

The smart & smile Fitness Competition 2003

An educational game was also devised in support of the smart & smile profiling programme. Its aim was to communicate the customer service performance criteria to all the relevant members of staff. This game enabled the registered or certified smart® businesses to playfully “get fit” with respect to the smart & smile programme. In addition to the main prize of a fitness holiday, other rewards of a sporting nature were also offered.

>>in touch., the infoletter for all smart® service staff 

Within the task of its overall management of the smart & smile project, 2SBM developed an information tool called >> in touch., an internal infoletter whose purpose is to keep all service staff informed about the smart & smile profiling process as well as any service innovations and issues relating to the smart® service.

The objective was to create an attractive communications platform that informs and motivates in an entertaining way. The >> in touch. editorial concept consists of fixed and variable sections and also deals with issues that originate with the smart® businesses themselves.

2SBM is responsible for the editorial concept, text and graphic design and overall organisation and realisation of the infoletter (researching subject matter, holding interviews, writing reports and production).