• Dynexan Campaign

    • Umbrella brand strategy breaks with boring OTC advertising
    • Mouth gel, mouth wash, herpes cream, gum drops – a full assortment for a healthy mouth
    • Umbrella brand advertisement image
  • Dynexan Campaign

    • Image for the application of mouth gel/herpes cream
  • Dynexan Campaign

    • Advertisement image for the application of gum drops/mouth wash lotion
  • Dynexan Campaign

    • Mailing for dentists
  • Dentomycin Campaign

    • Campaign for the broad-spectrum antibacterial – according to the look & feel of the OTC campaign
    • Announcement Ad
    • Trade show presentation


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The Wiesbaden-based pharmaceuticals company Kreussler has extended its range of products within the OTC segment by adding mouth gel to the herpes cream, gum drops and mouth wash it already sells under the Dynexan umbrella brand. As well as banishing irksome pain, Dynexan has now waved goodbye to boring, grey OTC advertising.

2SBM’s task was the consistent brand management of the Dynexan range, which focuses on the mouth. In addition to advertisements and information sheets, the agency also realised trade fair appearances and carefully targeted mailing campaigns.

Dentomycin – antibacterial mouth care

The range of oral care and hygiene products manufactured by Wiesbaden-based pharmaceuticals company Kreussler is rounded off by a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent called Dentomycin.

2SBM was commissioned to create a look for this prescription-only product which, while independent, would nevertheless visually complement Dynexan, the umbrella brand used by the company for its range of OTC products.

In addition to the development and realisation of the key visual, claim and advertisements, the agency was also responsible for the creation of a 12-page information booklet targeted at dentists.